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A Word From The Editor

Pedro de Weever


Commentaries—a journal that is apolitical, non-discriminatory, objective, and inclusive—aims to engage in meaningful exchange and active citizenship through lucid and (dear my alter ego say) loving dialogue—with a cordial and considerate tone—through the content of our publications. Starting within ourselves, the time, no doubt, has come where we can no more look across the aisle with a sort of jaundiced view and pretentious relativism of the world, and specifically, at the other, and project a distanced stance from another’s problem or issue. Only through these actions of occupying are we able to engage with each other, hear with an open heart, listen without affectations, speak with consideration and expect to be spoken back, reconsider our positions and arguments—only then we are able to raise above the relativism and move towards an objectivism of the world, and more of an understanding of it. Let us engage responsibly with a renewed daily commitment to inspire each other, hold each another accountable, take an active role in the lives we live with each other, and emerge into outstanding individuals that could stand each other, live next to each other, and be grand participants in our democracy and in this world. Let us have these wide ranging discussions and learn a tad every time in an atmosphere of candor and a willingness to share ideas, thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc. Only then, deliberately, will the world change to fit what we want it to do. Tomorrow is not granted to none of us in these two existential darkness with a twinkle of light.