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Commentaries: popular scientific essays from the Caribbean.


Volume 1, Issue 2

To comment is to be in common. When a public sphere is created where the writings of scholars, activists, writers, public intellectuals, students and the general population/others, occupy the same space and is given the same importance, then, and only then, does a developmental university fulfill its role of contributing to the radical democratic project in the Caribbean, better known as the politics of decoloniality. Commentaries seeks to do so with popular scientific writings from authors primarily hailing from the Caribbean.

Dr. Francio Guadeloupe

Volume 1, Issue 1


Teresa E. Leslie

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with the desire to start up an Arts program at The University of St. Martin, a developmental university, under the auspices of the President, Dr. Francio Guadeloupe, the wheels churned to begin the audacious task of including the undisciplined spoiled child of academia–the Arts—into the curriculum.


coincidently the Ministry of Public Health, Labor, and Social Affairs, under the then Minister V. H. Cornelius de Weever, wanted to build the capacity of not only the ministry but its members in the community development programs. It was decided as well that the Ministry would pay for three credit courses in the program to increase the NGOs capacity and to encourage further individual development. The three courses were: 1. Caribbean/film studies, 2. Introduction to Business, and 3. Interpersonal communication. (...)

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Reflections of a Filmmaker: Representation in Documentary-art

Dr. Sharelly Emanuelson

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(...)“My heart makes my head swim” refers to a paranoid disruption because as a

spectator his identity was lost on and off-screen. According to him a Caribbean man

does not by default identify himself as a “negro”. He explains the reason for the

trauma and conflict, as resulting from a certain lack of self-awareness and the ways

in which a Caribbean man forms his identity. (...)

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