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About Dr. Francio Guadelope

Francio Guadeloupe is President/Interim Dean of Academics of the University of St. Martin (USM), Sint Maarten, the Dutch West Indies. A Social & Cultural Anthropologist by training, Dr. Guadeloupe has worked at all the major universities in the Netherlands before taking up his post on St. Maarten. He is still affiliated to the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as an Assistant Professor in Anthropology.

Guadeloupe's principle areas of research have been on the manner in which nationalism,

multiculturality, media, and religion, continue to be impacted by global capital and the „race‟ and gender saturated colonial moment. He has pursued these interests in his research and publications on social\ processes on the bi-national island of Saint Martin (French) and Sint Maarten (Dutch), Brazil, Aruba, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Curaçao, and the Netherlands.


"It goes without saying that the dominant political mapping of the Caribbean-Dutch, French, English, Spanish-does not fully coincide with the social and the economic one. Sint Maarten may be part of the Dutch Caribbean and Saint Martin part of the French Caribbean, but this knowledge helps us little if the University of St. Martin (USM) wishes to best serve the island's population and cooperate with the hospitality sector," Guadeloupe stated.

"The USM thinks of the Caribbean in three socio-economic categories:

-White Gold: sugar, salt, and other agro-based plantation societies;

-Black Gold: oil and other industrial based societies;

-Visa Gold: hospitality tourism dominated societies.

"Sint Maarten & Saint Martin-it is after all one island-belongs to the third category. Visa Gold societies have a multicultural make up. More than 100 nationalities inhabit our 34-square-mile Caribbean heaven, and we serve a multicultural clientele from the wider world: The USA, Europe, Canada, and Latin America. Service on Sint Maarten & Saint Martin is King. As such, everyone has to cultivate the art of hospitality," he said. "The USM is embarking on making hospitality the flagship of our university. For this we will be working closely with businesses on the island that have the practical expertise necessary to improve our Visa Gold society."